War Child


SIENNA JONES & WAR CHILD are pleased to announce Leonie Edmead as the winner of our competition.

Here is the winning design.

The competition challenged students from across the UK to design a limited edition tote bag based on one of War Child’s core objectives – empowerment of children affected by conflict.

All proceeds from the tote bag will support War Child, an international children’s charity working to deliver child protection, education and hope for a better future in conflict-affected countries

About War Child UK

War Child is the only specialist charity for children affected by war, delivering high-impact programmes to rebuild lives in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Uganda. The charity aims to reach children early in the conflict and support them to deal with the traumas, equipping them with the skills to go back to school and providing training to young people so they can support themselves. From helping Syrian children access education to enabling girls to escape life on the streets in the DRC, War Child puts children at the Centre of the solution.

War Child’s work empowering Children affected by conflict

More than 50 per cent of those affected by any war are children. In conflict, boys and girls are the most vulnerable of victims, yet their needs are not prioritised: just 4% of global humanitarian aid is spent on child protection and education. To change the story and the system, children’s rights need to be at the centre of the debate. Their voices must be heard.

War Child’s flagship VoiceMore programme empowers children affected by war and connects them with other young people who’ve been affected by similar experiences. Together these young advocates are campaigning for their rights to be recognised and their needs to be addressed, to help their peers across the globe whose lives continue to be devastated by war.


Registered charity number 1071659